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The Community of Faithful Prayer

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Br Thomas Giller CFP and Sr Alamein Giller CFP

Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, we warmly welcome you to this page dedicated to The Community of Faithful Prayer! You will find a few items available for your perusal that will explain what The Community is about and how you can join the efforts.

Prayer in an important part of our mission. If this is something that resonates, we would love to hear from you!

The Chaplains

Archbishop Rima extended to us the call to be Chaplains for The Community in 2021. We are blessed to live in Invercargill, New Zealand. We are honoured to take on this responsibility and join an international family of praying for the Church. Although we are not adherents of The Reformed Old Catholic Church, the ministry provided by its clergy to people of all backgrounds irrespective of denomination, needs prayerful support. We believe that we have a Christian duty to pray for the needs of all people and this is one way we can fulfill that.


What are we about?

The Community is made up of individuals from around the world invited to pray for the Church and its leaders. The title says it all! It is not a religious community, like the Benedictines or Franciscans. It does not have a Rule or a distinguishing habit. There is no subscription fee. It is not permitted to receive financial assistance of any kind. It is simply a gathering of lay friends who offer specific prayers, irrespective of religion.

Like a religious community, the members of The Community are called 'Brother' or 'Sister' and have the initials CFP after their names. This is to reflect the family atmosphere of The Community and being members of it. The membership, whilst open to everyone, has one restriction. Members of the Clergy cannot be admitted. The Community is called specifically to pray for the ministry of the Clergy of this Church.

Praying Together

What are some of the things we pray for?

The Chaplains receive a list of items and distribute to the members (for example): 

  • The Vicar of Dibley requests a sense of humour.

  • Prayers for George and Jane Jetson wanting to extend the ten commandments to 50.

  • St Hegesippus Parish needs cactus plants for childrens playground.

How can you join?

Please take note that if you decide to join The Community of Faithful Prayer you are not subscribing or adhering to The Reformed Old Catholic Church, its doctrines and principles. You simply agree to be a prayer partner with us, whatever tradition you come from and that is all we can ask.

An example: Fr John Smith has been asked to conduct the blessing of a home. He prepares in the usual manner holy water, a stole and the ritual. Father is not feeling right about what he is to do and seeks the prayers of the members of The Community.

This is our Charter describing what The Community does. This is the Enrolment form, which then needs to be submitted to the Chaplains here.

Thomas & Alamein

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