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College of Bishops

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Raphael Fagbohun

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Andrew Hall OSFS


Rima Tamaiparea-Puki

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The Leadership of the Church

The Reformed Old Catholic Church has a presence in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. These five continents are divided into three jurisdictions: The Primatial See (America and Europe); The Archdiocese of Africa and The Archdiocese of Oceania (including Asia). 

Holy Synod, which meets every two-years is composed of the College of Bishops (the Governing Body of the Church); the Council of Clergy and Corpus Fidelium (the Faithful).

Within the College is elected the Primate or primus inter pares. This Office enables the holder to call and preside over the Church's Holy Synod, assisted by two Archbishops.

Most Reverend Andrew HallPrimate of the Church

His Grace comes from Glasgow, Scotland. He was ordained to the diaconate by Archbishop Andrew Lindley and priest by Bishop George Booty. He served as overseer of Missionary Efforts and led the apostolate of catechesis to Singles and Marrieds in Scotland. He was consecrated bishop by Patriarch Andrian Trimlett-Glover and appointed Primate when the Reformed Old Catholic Church was formed. 

Most Reverend Dr Raphael FagbohunArchbishop of Africa

His Grace is currently studying for Doctorate in Canada (2022-3) and at present the Archdiocese is headed by Bishop Peter Ulofu, the Vicar-General. The Archbishop resides in Nigeria and prior to consecration, was a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ekiti. His Grace serves as Chaplain to the Nigeria Police. He was consecrated by The Primate in 2014 and appointed Archbishop in 2017.

Most Reverend Rima Tamaiparea-PukiArchbishop of Oceania

His Grace is from Aotearoa New Zealand. Ordained to the Minor Orders by the late Fr Melchior Pryor in 2011; ordained to the subdiaconate by Archbishop Paul Zimmerman in 2012; to the diaconate by Patriarch Ian Adrian and to the presbyterate by Archbishop Zimmerman in 2013. The Archbishop was nominated bishop by Patriarch Adrian and elected at Holy Synod in 2014 and consecrated to the episcopate in 2016. His Grace is the youngest member of the College and was appointed Archbishop in 2019.

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